Membership and I Card

"Mobile Journalist Association of India (MOJAI)", A mobile network-based journalist organization. a group of young journalist and technology thinker, created this mobile network-based journalism organization to spread the news, photos, and videos quickly in the world media. Since its formation, social media and online news has become widely discussed in the media as innovative ideas.

Two types of members take membership in Mobile Journalist Association of India

1. Ordinary Member

2. Active Member

1. Ordinary Member

* There is no membership fee to become an ordinary member.

* The profile of the member is uploaded on the website

2. Active Member-

*Membership fee to become an active member is Rs.500/-.

* The profile is uploaded on the website

* Membership identity card, membership certificate is issued by the association .

* Can apply for any post in the Association. The National Executive can occupy any post in the Association as per their qualification.

Membership of Mobile Journalist Association of India (MOJAI) can be obtained only by applying online.