About us

"Mobile Journalist Association of India (MOJAI)", A mobile network-based journalist organization. a group of young journalist and technology thinker, created this mobile network-based journalism organization to spread the news, photos, and videos quickly in the world media. Since its formation, social media and online news has become widely discussed in the media as innovative ideas.

Aims and Objectives of the Association

To endeavor for freedom of the Mobile Journalist and Independent Media

To maintain, preserve and safeguard the rights and entitlements of the Mobile journalists

To work for strengthening the vision of the Digital India campaign of the Government of India in transforming India into a digitally empowered society and knowledge economy by promoting paperless journalism.

To frame rules for regulation of Mobile journalism and Social Media in India and to work for its proper implementation.

To promote a spirit of co-operation and understanding among the Mobile Journalist

To promote and maintain the highest standards of professional conduct, integrity and ethics.

To set up/ form committee for the purpose of resolution of complaints associated with the Mobile journalists.

To strive for the betterment of standard and working conditions of the Mobile Journalist

To initiate steps to improve the tastes of online readers and promote healthy trends in online journalism and evolve a consensus on social responsibility of media.

To educate, conduct training and courses for Mobile Journalists for bringing them at par with competition across the globe and to conduct advanced study and research in the field of Mobile journalism and to acquaint them with the latest technology in printing and electronic media and the latest trends in the world of Mobile journalism.

To safeguard and promote the interests of Online Media generally, and in particular to assist members, as and when necessary.

To promote amenities for recreation and scope for social and cultural activities.

To build up and administer welfare funds for the provision of legal aid, donation, employment schemes, retirement, welfare funds, major accidents and death benefits of an allied nature to all its members.

To secure representation of the mobile media houses on national and international level.

To arrange participation of the Mobile Journalism in various conferences and seminars for development and promotion of friendly contacts between them.

To institute awards, endowments and prizes in recognition of meritorious services and outstanding achievements of Mobile Journalist.

To advocate high standards within the profession of Mobile journalism and to maintain standard and accuracy in reporting and diversity in news.

To work for arrangement of congenial workplace conditions for the mobile journalists.

To conduct the affairs of the Association and its constituent units and to link and liaison with like organizations across the globe for exposure and promotion of unity and solidarity and to co-operate with other institutions in any part of the world having objectives wholly or partly similar to those of the association in such manner as may be conductive to their common objectives.

To engage in such other activities as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the aforesaid objects



The Secretariat would communicate periodically with members, keep them informed of important developments and share the annual report and all important outputs. The Association website would be an important means for communication between the steering committee and the secretariat.

Steering Committee

The Steering committee (SC) oversees the programmes of the Forum. All major decisions, including accepting funds, are taken by the SC. The SC would consist of about 11 to 15 members and would be representative, to the extent possible, of geography, issues, gender etc. Its duration would be about 3 to 4 years depending on the duration of a particular phase. The Steering committee (SC) would be reconstituted at the end of each phase (and the begining of the nwxt phase) taking into account the suggestions from the larger meeting/ workshop held at the conclusion of the phase. The attempt would be to ensure that about half of the members are newly inducted and the importance of thematic activity as an instrument for greater and wider involvement of member  is given due consideration. Effort would be made to have stronger and organic link between the steering committee and the general membership.

The Advisory Committee

The main role of the Advisory Committee is to provide intellectual inputs, support policy advocacy work, and lend visibility and credibility to Association work. 

The Secretariat

The day to day activities of the Association are handled by its Secretariat. Since Mobile Journalist Association of India (MOJAI) is not a registered body, the secretariat needs to be housed by a formal Institution. Currently, The Citizens' News office the Secretariat. In addition the work is carried out through the state, while thematic activities are undertaken under suitable arrangement